In business today there is a greater reliance on IT and information infrastructure than ever before. Businesses are dependent not only on their desktop machines, but on large server clouds and offices filled with laptops, tablet and other devices; all machines with a dislike of high-temperature environments.

And while we are fully understanding of the need to have quality air conditioning systems for our staff, often little consideration is given to the technology which forms the backbone of our companies, sat grinding away in small airless rooms. High-end air control systems ensure that the service equipment that we depend so heavily upon is kept in optimum condition.

If you’re in a similar situation to the above, have you ever considered Air Source Heat Pumps – the finest in air conditioning and heating technology? ASHPs take energy from the outside air and use that energy to keep your building cool, or warm in the winter months which is of equal importance to that service hardware. They are incredibly environmentally responsible, using very little external energy and are long lasting reliable systems which, with the correct maintenance, will keep your business at the right temperature for many decades to come.

Traditional systems for air conditioning require a substantial amount of energy to work – energy which is often from non-renewable sources. They are expensive to run, difficult to maintain and environmentally disastrous – certainly not friendly with our modern responsible world. ASHPs are a technological marvel, able to generate the perfect controlled environment from the energy naturally available in the air outside – even if the temperature in the open air has dropped to sub-zero levels!

Installing an ASHP system to maintain the perfect environment for IT operation will help keep those important computers running at peak efficiency and prevent the overheating that can be permanently damaging if left unchecked, and we can deliver systems which cater for different environments across the office – allowing server rooms to remain efficiently chilled despite the workload.

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