Air Conditioning Installation

For over 33 years, we’ve been delivering top-notch Air Source Heat Pump Air Conditioning systems to homeowners and businesses. We offer a 5 year warranty on installations, AC insurance and maintenance plans suited to your needs. Our installations are available for lease or purchase, to offer you more options for AC systems. Our team will help you select a system that not only saves on heating costs but also provides year-round ambient temperature control.

I-HT are experienced in both commercial and residential installation projects, read about a recent project here:

Commercial Installation

If your business needs air conditioning, for regulatory compliance or other business concerns, our team is well-versed in the challenges and solutions which may arise. From regulatory compliance to space, aesthetic, functional and cost-based needs, I-HT will deliver a bespoke solution. 


Installing air conditioning, especially for businesses that don’t legally require it, can seem like an unnecessary cost. I-HT can help businesses with a range of budgets: we work with brands that offer units covering a range of capabilities and costs. Our most recommended unit type is a heating and cooling unit, which can control the climate of a space in all weathers. The units move air rather than heating/cooling it, which converts heating and cooling spend into an electricity cost.

We also offer bespoke maintenance and repair packages which keep your AC systems running at peak efficiency. This increases the longevity of your investment, so you can keep benefitting from the cost savings AC offers.


I-HT works on both retrofit and integrated projects for air conditioning installations. Our team is familiar with the installation needs of several types of air conditioning units, such as:

  • Split/Multi Split
  • Wall Mounted
  • Ceiling Cassette
  • Floor Mounted
  • Ceiling Mounted

Our surveyors will help you to identify the right fit for your space that will maximise your heating and cooling efficiency.


Depending on whether we are retrofitting or integrating air conditioning into an ongoing build, I-HT will negotiate and deliver on a timeline that suits your needs. Our quotes include a rough timeline, bespoke to each project, which will be refined after site visits.

We’d first come to assess the site and the work needed, and additional visits would be used to establish where ducting, outside units and other possible hardware is needed. We maintain a policy of transparency throughout this process, and pride ourselves on our customer service before, during and after construction.

Domestic Installation

Whether warmer summers, a bedroom that sees too much sun, or a highly-insulated new build has you looking to cool off, I-HT has vast experience in providing AC solutions for domestic properties. As every property presents a different design, space and fitting requirements, we like to offer a free no-obligation survey where we can assess your requirements. We offer this so that you can explore the options available and make the right choice.

We tend to suggest combination heating and cooling units for homes in the UK, so that you can invest in a unit with year-round utility. Not only can you heat and cool your home, but you’ll make savings on gas with units that use electricity in a more efficient way. To keep your units in optimum condition, we offer bespoke servicing and maintenance packages alongside our 5 year installation warranty.

Before, during and after installation, our team of expert technicians and advisors are available to answer any questions you may have about any stage of the process for your space.

Air Con Installation FAQs

Here we’ve listed common questions that our customers have about air conditioning units in their space. Our free quote and servicing offer means that one of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, such as those below, in relation to your space.

Does installing air conditioning add value to my property?

An air conditioning installation may or may not add value to a property but it will certainly make it more appealing to a prospective purchaser.

How do I choose the right system for my property?

Our surveying team are best placed to offer advice on this.

Do I need planning permission to install an AC unit?

Planning permission is not generally required for installing an AC system.

Do I need to have an outdoor unit?

Yes, all AC systems will require an external condensing unit.

How much does it cost to install an air conditioning unit?

Costs vary and are dependent on the capacity of a system, the style/brand of a system and the complexity of an installation. Installation costs start at around £1,350.00.

How long will it take to install?

A typical installation will take around 1 day to complete.

Can you install air conditioning in my flat/listed building/rented accommodation?

We can install systems into flats and rented accommodation, but it would be recommended to gain the required permissions.

How much does it cost to run an air conditioning unit?

Operational costs are very low, due to the clever technology within the Air Source Heat Pump. Costs are dependent on the capacity of a system. A 4kw cooling capacity unit will only use around 1kw of electricity when the unit is on maximum power cooling.

The I-HT team is ready to discuss your air conditioning needs and questions.

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Despite working in atrocious conditions the installation team left the house spotless. From the very first call to IHT The level of service was excellent. All IHT staff were Extremely polite and helpful, quick to arrange onsite visits, on time for appointments and explained everything perfectly. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend IHT to anyone.

Chris Brown – Maldon, Essex