Air Conditioning Services

Providing 4kW of heat using only 1kW saves money on your energy bills.

Our Commercial & Domestic Air Conditioning units offer a more energy-efficient alternative to heating your home this winter. Unlike traditional heating systems, our units will provide heating and cooling 365 days a year.

How Our Air Conditioning Heat Pump Units Work

Heating Process

Because refrigerant is naturally much colder than outdoor temperatures, even on a very cold day, it absorbs heat from outdoors and transfers the heat it’s absorbed outside to within the building. The refrigerant’s physical properties do this naturally. What you pay for is the electricity to pump refrigerant via copper tubing from outdoors to indoors. Heat pumps move the heat rather than burn fuels to create it, and as a result, deliver up to 4 times the heat for the energy consumed; for example, 1kW of electricity will transfer 4kW of heat into a room.

Cooling Process

Come spring or summer on cooling mode, the heat pump simply reverses the process and draws heat from indoors and expels it outside. For our climate, the heat pump technology in these air conditioning units creates a far more cost-effective alternative to gas or oil-fired units for heat or ducted air conditioning.


Different Types of Air Conditioning Units  


Single Split Type:

Single split systems are the most commonly installed system, they comprise of a single outdoor condensing unit that is connected to a single indoor unit. Installation of a single split system is usually the most cost effective and straightforward solution.


Multi Split Type:

Multi-split systems are akin to single split systems but incorporate multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit, making it ideal where space for multiple outdoor units is limited.


Ceiling Mounted Units:


Ceiling mounted air conditioning units are normally installed either flush to the ceiling or via some type of bracket. They disperse air evenly throughout the room via a double swing mechanism and boast a slim design that can provide a high capacity. These features make them ideal for large areas due to their quiet operation, high-capacity range and energy efficiency.


Ceiling Cassette Units:


Ceiling cassette air conditioning systems have long been a requirement in many modern buildings, with their popularity only increasing in the commercial setting. From retail premises to warehouses & offices, they are incredibly useful for both the comfort of the staff and customers, as well as maintaining optimum temperatures.

One of the great draws to a ceiling cassette air conditioning system, is that they are mounted in the ceiling. We now have a compact design of ceiling mounted system that will fit perfectly into the space of a 600mm x 600mm ceiling tile.


Wall Mounted Units:


Wall-mounted air conditioning units rank as the most popular type of air conditioning system, owing to their versatile mounting options. Their ability to be placed high up in the room allows them to blend seamlessly with interior designs. Moreover, they offer cost-effective cooling solutions, cooling one room at a time based on specific needs and budget. Each unit operates independently, affording flexibility in cooling individual rooms depending on the number of units installed.


Floor Mounted Units:


Floor mounted units are the go to choice of system if there is no way of mounting a system either within a ceiling or on a wall. They are also useful where space is at a premium and they are easy to install. Floor mounted units offer an airflow that is ideal for maintaining comfortable environments in offices, classrooms, hospital rooms or similar spaces.

Due to Energy Efficiency, the Government has a reduced rate of VAT to 0% for all residential installations.

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