Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service

Healthy air is important and if not cleaned regularly we could be breathing in the dirt, germs and even fungus that may collect inside air conditioning units. A build up of dust and dirt could also cause water leaks and other functional issues which causes the air conditioning to work harder.

A well maintained air conditioner is efficient and reliable so we recommend regular servicing in order to increase the life expectancy of the equipment, keep it in optimum working condition and make sure your warranty remains valid.

Regular maintenance will reduce the possibility of component failure before it occurs and will preserve and enhance reliability. A poorly maintained air conditioning system wastes energy. A 10% loss of gas charge can push energy consumption up by 20%. By servicing regularly not only can you save money on your electricity bills but you prolong the lifespan of the air conditioning units themselves.

The Benefits of Regular Servicing:

  • Reduces the risk of inconvenient breakdowns or replacement costs
  • Improves energy efficiency and saves money
  • Improves air quality
  • Provides a comfortable living/working environment and increases staff efficiency
  • Longevity of equipment life
  • Compliance with current F-Gas legislation

The European Union’s F-Gas regulation (no. 842/2006) regulates the use of refrigerant F-Gases. The regulation aims to minimise emissions of these gases which affect global warming if they escape into the air. Due to the refrigerant gases contained in air conditioning systems it’s important to always have a reputable service supplier maintain your equipment. Current Uk law requires:

All air conditioning systems with over 3kg of Gas must be checked at least yearly.   (Environmental Protection Act (EC) no 842/2006)

All service personnel must be certified to work on air conditioning systems  (Environmental Protections Act (EC) no 842/2006)

All uses of R22 gas will be banned from 1st Jan 2015, this includes any service activity.  (EU Regulation 1005/2009)

It’s important to be aware that the operator of any air conditioning is legally responsible for ensuring the system is regularly checked for leaks under current F-Gas regulations.

IHT Ltd is fully F-Gas certified as well as our engineers and we recommend a service be completed every 6 months, however, the frequency is dependant on the operating environment. Our standard service consists of two service visits per year to check and test operation, electrical connections and clean and disinfect the system.

Although we offer regular service and maintenance plans from as little as £85+vat.

If you require any assistance please contact us on 01206 792828 or free-phone         0800 389 9220.

3 Tips for getting more efficiency from your Air Con system

Energy efficiency has never been more important so here’s some pointers on how to get more energy efficiency from your air con units:

  1. Control/Set Point
    The most energy-efficient air con system can be rendered inefficient if not controlled in the correct manner. By setting operation times and set-point temperatures functions you’ll enhance efficiency. Use economy modes if available.
  2. Insulation
    Poorly insulated pipework breaks the vapour seal allowing condensation to form on the pipes. This condensation can soak into the insulation destroying thermal insulation properties and resulting in a decrease in the systems efficiency. Make sure all pipe work is insulated to the correct quality and standard.
  3. Service & Maintenance
    Don’t neglect system services and general maintenance. Energy consumption can increase by as much as 60% as a result of poorly maintained or dirty units.