Keeping costs down is key to a successful business in any sector and little things can make big differences when scale increases.

One for all or one for each?

When it comes to heating your office space there’s often the dilemma of using a communal heating system, that uses a common heat source to heat multiple spaces or to use stand-alone units for individual areas, allowing for personal preferences and easier control and maintenance.

There are several schools of thought and different arguments for each:

Reliability considerations

A communal system may be a cheaper option to install, with a common heat unit and multiple radiator or vent systems for each space. It may well save a few pounds at the outset, but consider the consequences of an out-of-hours failure. Your entire office workforce is affected and the additional costs of temporary, portable heating units doesn’t bear thinking about.

Greater efficiency

An alternative is to use an air source heat pump solution, using a much more efficient system that extracts heat from the atmosphere to warm the workspaces. Though possibly a little costlier to install, the redundancy aspect is a no-brainer, allowing things to carry on as normal in the event of a single failure and the ability to keep running costs down due to the very low power to heat provided ratio. In addition, you can use air source heat pumps for heating and cooling, giving you year-round comfort using a completely modular system.

Being electrical, they also allow easier tracking of energy costs by keeping a single format for all energy usage.

Air source heat pumps are revolutionising the way people heat and cool their living spaces all over the world, allowing the option of using either a heating or cooling mode in the same units. Being stand-alone units, they take the urgency out of any potential downtime and will continue to provide a reliable means of keeping the workforce comfortable throughout the year, come rain or shine.

With ongoing service packages available, you as a business owner can concentrate on what’s important to your business – a comfortable and happy workforce and the peace of mind of knowing that you have a system that won’t give you any operational or financial headaches in the event of a single failure.