In the past, air condition systems in the workplace were the preserve of fairly wealthy companies, but in recent years these systems have become more attainable and cost effective. Air conditioning does more than simply cool the office during warmer months, and can actually be considered a great boost to employee productivity and comfort, helping to maintain an enjoyable working environment. Air conditioning is a useful tool in offices for the following reasons:

  1. Boosts productivity

A comfortable, temperate environment allows employees to work without distraction during inclement weather. Air conditioning provides cooler temperatures and reduced humidity on very hot days so that employees and customers can relax and concentrate on the task at hand. An office which is too warm can cause employees to feel tired or unwell, while being cold can make it difficult to concentrate. Air conditioning is able to boost productivity in these ways by keeping a moderate temperature throughout the day.

  1. Controls temperature

Air conditioning systems can be set to an ideal temperature for various times of the day, so that if there is a time when the office is busier, there can be a cooler air flow set to keep everyone content. These temperatures can also be maintained throughout the year to both heat and cool the room, regardless of the weather outside.

  1. Reduces stuffiness

Central heating and a closed office environment can add to a ‘stuffy’ feeling, which can be uncomfortable and also allows bacteria to thrive, leading to colds passing around the workplace more easily. Many air conditioning systems have a dry setting which decreases humidity and helps everyone in the office to stay healthy.

  1. Reduces noise pollution

Modern air conditioning systems are silent and do not create the noise pollution associated with older models. Using air conditioning also allows doors and windows to be closed, so that there is no noise pollution from the street or other rooms. This means that important meetings do not have to be interrupted by street noise on warmer days, and employees are able to shut themselves in quieter rooms without suffering the effects of the heat or humidity.