The chill of winter tends to hike up energy bills for any business. However, there are many simple yet effective ways you can make your business more energy-efficient, and stop your bills eating into your bottom line. Here are just a few to consider.

Keep the heat where it’s needed

Though many small businesses do this already, it’s surprisingly common for larger and expanding firms to waste heating on rooms that aren’t in use every day. Large storage areas, meeting rooms, and other parts of the office that don’t see a lot of usage should always have their heating turned off or to a low setting until they’re actually needed. Keeping the heat low in hallways that are only used for seconds at a time can also be an effective way to make your business more energy-efficient. As long as you’re not seriously impeding on the comfort of your staff, these changes will make a major, positive difference to your business’s cashflow.

Choose efficient equipment

Seeing as you’re reading this, you’re probably well-versed in the most economical choices you can make in terms of heating and cooling equipment. An air source heat pump for heating and cooling, for example, makes a much more efficient choice than a conventional fan-based air conditioning system. The savings don’t stop there though! Commercial equipment manufacturers are always looking for new ways to reduce energy consumption, with markers like the ‘Energy Star’ logo guaranteeing more economical operation. Choose your equipment wisely, and the savings will take care of themselves.

Invest in a smart meter

Economical energy use over winter is often a matter of good control over your energy supply. With this in mind, installing a smart meter can be one of the best ways to ensure efficient energy usage over the winter months. These meters allow greater insight into the energy you’re consuming, with no estimated billing and greater control over your heating and lighting. All the big energy suppliers have begun supplying these free-of-charge to customers, and countless business owners are already reaping the benefits. Many models are also self-reading, which will allow you to forget about your energy usage, and focus on the more pressing areas of your business.

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