If you have an elderly air conditioning unit installed in your business premises, it probably makes a comforting, familiar noise during operation that you’ve become accustomed to hearing over the years. However, if your ageing unit changes its tune, you may have cause for concern. Read on to find out what those odd noises could mean and what you should do if you hear them.

A high-pitched squealing sound

The usual cause of a high-pitched squealing sound is a problem with the air conditioning unit’s fan belt. Fortunately, this is generally an easy, inexpensive fix that can be quickly sorted out by an experienced appliance repair technician.

A gentle hissing noise

If you hear a low hissing sound emanating from your office air conditioning unit’s vents, it could be caused by an air leak. Leaky ducts can be repaired, but they shouldn’t be neglected, as they can cause the unit to work harder and consequently use more power, which could lead to higher energy bills.

However, if the sound is coming from elsewhere in the air conditioning unit, a refrigerant leak could be to blame. This is potentially a serious fault as it could interfere with, and impact on, the compressor or other important components inside the unit. Repairs could be very expensive and you might be best advised to replace the unit with a more modern one.

A clattering or rattling noise

Clattering or rattling sounds are usually caused by loose connectivity inside the air conditioning unit’s ducts. However, the blower’s motor or fan could also be responsible. Loose connections are fixable, but a duff blower component could require replacement.

Loud banging sounds

If your office air conditioning unit begins making loud banging noises, you could be in for trouble. Although such sounds could be made by a minor fault such as a bent fan blade, the most likely cause is an issue with the compressor, which could mean replacing the whole air conditioning system.

Constant buzzing noises

If the building’s air conditioning unit starts buzzing constantly, the most likely culprit would be an electrical fault. A simple replacement of a minor component may solve the problem, but buzzing sounds can also be indicative of more serious issues with the unit’s motor.

It’s vital for the comfort of your employees that your air condition system is reliable, and a change of soundtrack could mean that it’s time to say goodbye to your old unit. Have a chat with us today to see what alternatives are available.