An air source heat pump works in the opposite way to a fridge, extracting warm air from outside and pumping it into your office. Like a fridge, it runs on electricity but is more energy efficient than using that same fuel source to heat the space. When replacing traditional electric heating systems you can enjoy massive monthly savings on your heating bill. So what are the benefits of choosing an air source heat pump for heating and cooling?

1. Running costs are low

An air source heat pump is far more efficient than other means of heating a space and can save you a great deal each year by switching over.

2. It requires minimal maintenance

When opting for renewable energy sources there is often a fear that the maintenance costs will be high. Compared to other renewable technologies the maintenance costs are very low.

3. It earns money back

As a renewable energy source, it is possible that you’ll be able to apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, meaning you can earn cash back on the heat that you generate. This will depend on your building type, but it is worth investigating for further savings.

4. You’re saving the environment

Compared to heat generated from solid fuels, this is extremely friendly for the environment. While you will still be using electricity to heat your offices, you will be doing so far more efficiently which will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Solve your water heating woes

Air source heat pumps can also heat hot water to use in the bathrooms of the office. This means you will save on the cost of heating water too, bringing all of your heating together in a more efficient manner.

6. It pumps cool air too

An air source heat pump for heating and cooling will work for your business in the summer too. After a winter of warmth you’ll be able to switch the system to air conditioning mode and end those sweaty office days when your shirt sticks to you every time you move.

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