If you work in a small office space, an efficient air conditioning system is a must. When it comes to choosing a system, your options are typically a central air conditioning system or a room air conditioning system.

Central air conditioning systems work by cooling the whole building, whereas room air conditioning systems cool only the room in which the unit is installed. But which would be the best option for your business?

Cost-efficiency considerations

Your choice of air conditioning system will typically come down to efficiency with regards to installation and running costs. This will, to a large extent, be dictated by the size of your premises and your cooling requirements.

Central air conditioning systems are generally more expensive to have installed. However, if you only have a small business premises and you can get by with just having one or two room air conditioning units in place, this could be the cheaper option. Room air conditioning units are less expensive to run than central systems because they are quicker to get working and a couple of units won’t use much power.

On the other hand, if you have a large building, a central air conditioning system will probably meet your cooling needs more efficiently and will be cheaper to run than multiple room air conditioning units.

Remember too that room air conditioning units can be much noisier than a good-quality central air conditioning system, which could be distracting for your workers and visitors.

In conclusion

When it comes to making your final decision on which type of air conditioning system to choose, your choice will largely depend on the size of your business premises and on the budget you have available to spend on energy bills.

Small spaces can often get by with a couple of room air conditioning units, but a larger business set up really needs a central air conditioning system in order to cool all its offices and storage areas efficiently. For more advice and guidance on choosing the right aircon system for your home, have a chat with one of our helpful team members.