Heat pump technology is a fast growing market in the UK for businesses looking for a long term, economical solution for their heating and cooling needs. The cost and environmental benefits are well known, but it can be difficult to decide which technology works best for your business situation – should you opt for an air, ground or water source heat pump?

Cost, space and the physical arrangement of your premises are all factors to consider, and an air source heat pump is the best option for any UK business regarding all three. Read on to see how can an air source heat pump can help you get the most out of your system:

Space efficiency

Many businesses are located in office blocks or business parks and don’t own the land around them, or else that land is unavailable or unsuitable for building work. A ground source pump requires extensive trenching in order to lay the pipe network underground and make the system operational. It’s also expensive, as it requires a large amount of manual work and can disrupt the normal operation of a site.

An air source pump can be installed in a very small area, or even on a roof or wall. It’s much more space efficient and allows even companies with no outside space to benefit.

Makes the most of resources

A water source heat pump requires quite specific conditions for you to make the most out of its heating and cooling potential. Not everyone has a handy body of water nearby in which to install a pump, or the time or money to acquire the necessary planning permissions.

In contrast, an air source pump for heating and cooling can be used by anyone with access to the outside, and you can actually use its location to your advantage, rather than it being a hinderance – direct sunlight increases the pump’s performance when heating, which saves time and money.

As the most accessible and easiest to install for a business large or small, air source is the obvious choice. If you want to find out more about how an air source heat pump could benefit your business, get in touch with us at I-HT Air Conditioning today.