Professionally installed air conditioning units rarely cause problems, but over time the concrete pads on which the air conditioner compressor and heat exchange pump are mounted may settle and start to sink. This can place undue strain on the copper coolant tubes and electrical lines, potentially causing your business premises’ air conditioning unit to fail.

If the concrete pad sinks straight down and the unit remains reasonably level and dry, you won’t need to take any action, other than to keep a watch on things to make sure that the situation doesn’t worsen.

However, if the condenser unit starts to tilt so that it pulls the lines tight or if you notice that puddles of water are forming around the unit, you’ll need to get the problem repaired.

So, what’s involved and could you tackle the job yourself?

Adjusting a sinking air conditioner pad

First of all, try working a long board underneath one end of the concrete pad so that you can lift it up. Proceed very slowly and carefully so that you don’t cause the pad to crack. Pack sharp sand underneath the pad to bring it level again, and then remove the board. Repeat the process on the other end of the pad so that the unit is as level as possible. If the pad appears to be damaged or it has sunk so much that levelling it is impossible, call a qualified heating technician to disconnect the unit for you.

Once the unit has been disconnected, lift it off the pad. You can then break up and remove the pad and replace it with a new one. The best option is to choose a plastic pad, which you can obtain online or through an air conditioner supplier. Plastic pads are more expensive to buy than concrete ones, but they last much longer, they won’t crack, and they are also much less likely to become unstable and sink.

Once the new pad is in position, all you need to do is replace the heat exchanger pump on top of the pad and have it reconnected by a professional air conditioning unit installation company.

Tackle your business’ AC problems today

If you’re handy at DIY, it is possible to fix a sinking concrete air conditioning unit compressor pad by following the instructions above. But when you’re managing a business, time is in short supply. For more advice and guidance on maintenance of your unit, or for a professional solution, have a chat with your local air conditioning repair company.