This is a question that the team here at I-HT get asked on a frequent basis, hopefully this information will provide a little more insight into the different aspects that affect the price.

The costs associated with installing an Air Conditioning system always vary and are based on several different factors:

• Brand Of System

Some customers may have familiarity with a particular brand of system or even just prefer the style of a particular brand. Different brands supply systems with differing levels of warranty and numerous different features, our surveyor will be best placed to advise you on which brand is most suitable for your needs. Generally, standard white systems work out more cost effective across all the major A/C manufacturers.

• Type Of System

There are many different types of internal systems available, with something to suit every type of space. These include floor mounted systems, which are about the same depth and height as a typical radiator, although generally smaller in width. There are also wall mounted systems, which are the most widely used system and in most instances are also the most cost-effective option. Ceiling cassette systems are another option and are designed to fit into a suspended ceiling. They can also be flush mounted into a fixed ceiling but good access to install and maintain the system would be required.

• Capacity of System

The capacity of any A/C system is worked out by calculating the full area that needs heating/cooling, including the dimensions of doors/windows that are south or west facing and what the room is used for. The average number of people that are generally within the area would also be taken into consideration, and what the area is typically used for. Internal units can start at a capacity of 2Kw and go up to 13.4Kw; the required capacity of any A/C system will always have an impact on the cost.

• The Installation

The cost of any A/C installation will depend on how easy/difficult the installation is. An easy installation will be classed as a ‘back-to-back’, using only 3 meters of pipework, with the internal and external units placed on an adjacent wall. These installations can be completed by a single engineer in one day. More complex installations are where we may need 20 meters of pipework and would be routing it through lofts and cavities. In this case, the process of connecting the internal and external units may require more than one engineer and take a few days to complete. The time needed to complete the installation and whether specialist equipment is required will all have an impact on the cost.

• Required Sundries/Equipment

The cost of an installation also varies depending on the amount of sundries that are required to complete it. An installation that only requires 3 meters of pipework will inevitably be more cost effective than an installation that requires 20 meters of pipework. The amount of decorative conduit that will be used to place the pipework in will also affect the cost. Installations that require specialist equipment to carry out the install (i.e lift hire equipment, scaffold towers etc) will also have an impact on the overall costs.

• System Controllers

Most systems we install are provided with a handheld, infrared remote control. Some customers prefer to have a fixed wall mounted controller for ease of use, easier programming of the daily/weekly functions and to ensure that remote controllers don’t get misplaced. Many people now prefer to have full control of the system via their mobile phone, this is generally very easy once a Wi-Fi dongle is inserted in the A/C unit. Some systems are provided with Wi-Fi dongles and wall controllers, if they aren’t then adding these on will also increase the cost.

To conclude, there is a lot of information required to be able to provide a full cost for installing an A/C system. Our team may be able to offer a rough idea of costings if at least some of the required information is provided. Once a full survey has been conducted and all the available options have been discussed then we can provide a full written quotation.

Please feel free to call us on 01787 220202 and we’ll be happy to offer advice and assist.