During the winter, you can rely on the British weather to provide rain and cool temperatures. During the summer, however, the weather can vary greatly. Whilst the week may begin with a heatwave, it could end with torrential downpours and even hail or sleet.

With such variable weather conditions, it can be difficult to keep your workspace at a consistent temperature. Whilst some days may require cool air via an air conditioning system, others may need warm air to heat the building.

Using an air source heat pump for heating and cooling could be the ideal way to overcome the extremes of British weather. Whilst most people rely on an air source heat pump for air conditioning, it can also be a viable and cost-effective way to heat workplaces.

Maintaining a safe working environment

Due to work regulations, employers are required to keep workspaces above a minimum temperature. Although the regulations are less strict when it comes to upper temperatures, there are guidelines in place for when the temperature is excessively hot.

Whilst the UK may not have to cope with extremely hot temperatures often, it can cause a loss of productivity when it does occur. As a result, employees may be less focused and businesses could lose working hours and revenue.

There is, however, an easy way for companies to overcome this problem. Installing an effective air source heat pump gives employers complete control over the temperature in their workplace. In addition to meeting specific regulations, they can create a comfortable environment and increase productivity as a result.

Why bother with air conditioning?

As British summers tend to be fairly short, some employers overlook the benefits that air conditioning can bring. Whilst heatwaves may be few and far between, the United Kingdom tends to experience more humidity than some other countries.

As a result, even milder temperatures can result in an unpleasant working environment. By using an air source heat pump for heating and cooling, your workplace can respond to any weather conditions and provide a safe workspace for your employees and contractors.

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