Air conditioning is something we expect in many places, be it on holiday, in department stores or offices. However, it’s still not something many consider commonplace at home, but that is changing.

Throughout 2023, we have seen a steady increase in residential properties installing air conditioning, and there are several key reasons for this.

With the cost of energy and fuel going up, many people are turning to air-source heat pump technology to save money on their bills. Modern air conditioning systems offer this technology, with the added benefit of an easy and fast installation. After COVID-19, we are all more health conscious, and an air conditioning system in your home can offer many health benefits while improving the quality of life.

Here are the top 10 reasons UK residents opt for air conditioning in their homes.

Effective Heating: A modern A-rated gas boiler is around 90% efficient, which means that it can convert 90% of its energy into heat energy, and 10% is wasted. Air-source heat pumps are much more efficient, with an efficiency rating of around 300%, which allows you to receive up to 4 Kw of heating energy from a single Kw of electricity.

Reduced Allergens: Allergies are increasing, with 30-35% of us being affected by allergies at some point in our lives and up to 50% of children being diagnosed with an allergic condition. Using air filters in air conditioning systems helps reduce indoor allergens like pollen and dust, easing symptoms for individuals with allergies or asthma.

Reduced carbon footprint: A modern A-rated gas boiler will emit 215 grams of CO2 per kWh of heat delivered. The heat pump burns no fossil fuels and uses only electricity, meaning it’s a zero-carbon heating appliance. Around 40% of electricity generation in the UK is produced via renewables, meaning electricity is a much better option for the environment than gas boilers.

Increasing your comfort at home: During the hot summer months, we’ve all felt uncomfortable being unable to stay cool at home. Air conditioning provides a reliable and consistently cool indoor temperature so you can stay comfortable in your own home.

Health Benefits: A home that is too hot or cold can be detrimental to our health, particularly for vulnerable members of society. Air conditioning can help mitigate health issues and improve overall well-being. Many women suffering symptoms of menopause are finding it a lifeline to have air conditioning in the home and be able to reduce the severity and frequency of hot flushes.

Improved Sleep: Maintaining a cool bedroom temperature is vital to healthy sleep. You are more sensitive to temperatures during the first two sleep stages and more likely to wake up if you feel hot. This can lead to a decreased amount of time in deep sleep and leave you feeling constantly tired.

Productivity: With more of us working from home than ever, a comfortable home environment is essential to maintain our focus. Studies have shown a direct correlation between variation in temperature and the ability to focus and perform tasks effectively.

Preservation of Belongings: Air conditioning can help protect valuable belongings, such as electronics, artwork, and furniture, by preventing damage caused by excessive heat and humidity.

Increased Property Value: Homes with central air conditioning or modern HVAC systems often have higher resale values, as potential buyers consider these systems desirable features.

Save money with Government Incentives: The UK government has now reduced the rate of VAT payable on all residential installations to 0%, saving homeowners hundreds on an installation.

When you use the right provider, installing air conditioning is quick, convenient, and more affordable than you might think. There are many design options to fit with every aesthetic, and with so many long-term benefits, it can be an excellent investment for your home and your health. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01787 220202 to arrange a no-obligation survey on your home.