Investing in an air source heat pump can help you reduce your heating costs in the long-run while simultaneously minimising your business’s environmental impact. However, you may be concerned about how long the installation process is likely to take. In reality, there is no reason for concern. Competent heating professionals can install air source heat pumps quickly and safely. However, if you want to make the installation process even faster and smoother, there are several things you can do. By carrying out these simple tasks before having your air source heat pump fitted, you can save the installers time and minimise the disruption to your business.

  1. Move furniture and office equipment out of the way

Air source heat pumps allow large, building-wide heating and air conditioning systems to function. Installing the pump itself isn’t sufficient: you also need to have heating/AC outlets and other pieces of apparatus fitted. It’s always a good idea to remove furniture and other obstructions from the spaces where heaters, controls and other pieces of equipment need to be installed. This will save the installers from having to move your office furniture themselves, meaning that they can focus on the installation process itself and save time.

  1. Make sure you have all the information about your premises to hand

The experts responsible for installing your new air source heat pump and heating/AC system may require certain pieces of information about your building. For example, they may need to know where existing heating pipes and electric wires are located so that they can avoid damaging them during the installation process. By finding all the information that might be relevant to the installation before the process begins, you can help save a great deal of time.

  1. Discuss the installation beforehand

If you’re unsure of exactly what type of air source heat pump-based system you want to install, you should contact the supplier and discuss your needs with them before committing to a purchase. This will ensure that you don’t have to change your mind about anything during the installation process, thereby guaranteeing the process will be as smooth as possible.

Here at I-HT, we sell and install top-quality air source heat pumps. By following the advice we’ve given you in today’s blog entry, you can help us do our job a little more efficiently and reduce any disruption to your business. Contact us today if you’d like more information.