With the cold winter months stretching to longer than ever – not to mention the sudden and unexpected blanket of snow the UK found itself under earlier this year – it’s no wonder that heating is the first thing on most business’ minds. Especially when it comes to opening their customer-facing office up to the elements, or keeping their staff happy. After all, no-one likes to sit at a freezing desk; and in the majority of cases, it’s just not efficient for your staff to work in coats and scarves! Here are just a few reasons why great heating is key for your business to survive the colder months:

Promote a positive visitor experience

With on-site offices experiencing more of an uphill battle with virtual shopping and communications than ever before, providing an office experience that isn’t just professional but keeps your visitors happy is critical. It doesn’t matter how fantastic the decor is or how beautifully your office is laid out if your premises is freezing cold; because visitors won’t be sticking around long enough to appreciate it or what you do.

Healthy staff are happy staff

Good heating in your office doesn’t just benefit visitors and customers – it’s also essential to keep the people who work in your office happy and healthy. By providing a comfortable environment for your staff, they will be much more receptive to the people they work with both day to day and in a customer service capacity, and provide much better work quality; a win all around. Fluctuating temperatures that may result in employee illness can be a huge cost to any business, making good heating even more valuable.

The importance of temperature

A consistent temperature is the key to any good office environment. An older heating system might not just be less effective or consistent; they can also be expensive for very little quality. By choosing to update your heating with air source heat pumps, you can provide heating that is both effective and consistent at a low cost per use; making heating your office cheaper and more effective than ever before.

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