If you were to ask people what they key benefit of air conditioning was, they’d often sum it up as: ‘Keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer’. There’s a lot of truth in that; however, for many different types of businesses and locations, this is an over-simplification. Our experienced I-HT team have already provided excellent solutions in a range of such environments. Here are some of the specific needs we’ve identified and then met using air source heat pump heating and cooling technology…

For retail premises, the earlier quote is probably a fair starting point. But the question then to be addressed is: ‘How hot and how cold’? Customers stepping inside on a basking hot summer’s day (apparently they do happen occasionally) will appreciate the cool air, but may soon start to feel the contrast is too great. During winter’s chill, the warmth is welcoming, but again can be too much and make customers start to feel uncomfortable in their heavy clothing, perhaps even slightly drowsy. Therefore, effective air conditioning will be pitched at just the right level of either heat or coolness to be welcome but neither off-putting or overpowering. It also depends, to an extent, on the time people might spend, and the actions they might take (e.g. trying on goods in a fashion store).

Next, let’s consider an office working environment. Here, an interesting story comes to mind. When David Letterman hosted his US TV chat show for so many years, he insisted that the temperature in the theatre was kept slightly lower than you would expect. There was often some byplay with audience members wearing coats and the like! This policy probably stemmed from a clip, featured on out-take shows, from many years before. The then host of the show was sitting in an audience seat in a deserted studio, with all the audience having gone home – apart from one man, who was still sitting fast asleep in the next seat!

This highlights the fact that an over-warm work environment can be counter-productive to getting things done. Equally, when the temperature plunges, concentration is also quickly lost. Therefore, and always mindful of the legal requirements, it’s often a delicate balancing act to find the most effective of working conditions.

Just two of many examples highlighting the importance of getting the air conditioning just right in your commercial or operational space. If you’d like to discuss your current working environment with our friendly and expert I-HT team, based here in Colchester but covering all of East Anglia and the South East, please give us an obligation-free call on 01787 22 02 02