You know the benefits of air conditioning for your office over the summer months. But you can also use an air source heat pump for heating and cooling and benefit from lower heating bills for your building this winter. The technology is already built into your air conditioning unit [] and there are some good reasons why you should make the very best of this highly energy efficient system.

Lower your winter fuel bills

An air source heat pump can extract heat from the air even when the outside temperature is as low as -17 degrees. Because of the way the pump works, you’re extracting heat from natural warm air and moving it around, rather than using energy to heat a fuel source. It’s this efficiency which means that using 1KW of electricity transfers 4KW of heat to a room.

The Energy Savings Trust estimates the energy savings of an air source heat pump in a four bedroom house as close to £2,000 a year. Now multiply that over your square footage and you’ll make a significant saving on your winter heating bills.

The sustainable solution

Every office has sustainability targets it needs to meet, and using your air source heat pump for heating and cooling can contribute significantly to meeting those targets. You’ll reduce your CO2 emissions throughout the life of the system, producing on average 9% less carbon dioxide than a gas boiler, and 28% less than an oil-fired boiler.

Insulate for optimum benefit

Because an air heat pump works much more efficiently at a lower temperature, you’ll need to make sure your building is well insulated and draught proofed for your heating to work at maximum efficiency. Now is the time to run a maintenance check and ensure weatherproofing and draught proofing are up to standard. Your air heat pump itself will need very little maintenance, although some conditions can reduce its efficiency [].

Do you have an air conditioning unit with an air heat pump installed? Are you interested in making the most of what this efficient and energy saving technology has to offer? Then contact us [] today and we’ll be happy to help you save on your winter energy bills.