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Protecting your assets with an air source heat pump

Installing an air source heat pump for heating and cooling benefits both you and your employees. It ensures that nobody in your offices gets too hot or too cold to work and therefore helps the workplace run smoothly and efficiently. But did you know that having an air source heat pump fitted can also help protect your business’s office equipment and other material assets? You might think that only people are affected by changes in temperature, but this simply isn’t the case. Inanimate objects can also be damaged if the temperature rises too high or drops too low. An air source heat pump can help you avoid this problem by maintaining a steady temperature. But which items are most affected by temperature? Which objects in your office can benefit most from an air source heat pump?

1. Computers and similar electronic equipment

Computers are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature. Their circuits are so small and finely detailed that too much heat can solder important parts together while excessive cold can interfere with tiny but crucial electrical connections. As a result, computers that become too hot or too cold can stop functioning temporarily or even break completely. It is therefore important to keep computers and similar pieces of electronic equipment at a reasonable and consistent temperature.

2. Mechanical and industrial equipment

If your business uses industrial equipment or even simple mechanisms, you should be aware that these items are vulnerable to excessive cold. While industrial machinery is rarely damaged by heat, it can seize up in cold weather, making it unusable. Obviously, this can be a major problem at this time of year. If the equipment is stored indoors, you can use an air source heat pump to maintain its temperature and ensure that it will work properly the next time you use it.

3. Documentation

Even paper is affected by changes in temperature. While your business’s important documents are unlikely to fall apart because of one cold night or one hot day, constant fluctuations in temperature can eventually damage them. If you need to keep permanent hard-copies of important documentation, it’s important to store that documentation at a stable temperature.

Here at I-HT, we sell a wide variety of air source heat pumps that can be used to regulate temperature in a range of business environments. Protect your office equipment, machinery and documentation by investing in one today.

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