You are probably already aware that temperature has a huge impact on physical health. Excessive cold can weaken a person’s immune system and detract from their health. In contrast, by maintaining a comfortable temperature, it’s possible to minimise discomfort and help combat the risk of infection. What you may not realise is that warm temperatures also offer mental health benefits.

Every aspect of our environment affects us psychologically, including the ambient temperature. It’s therefore important to maintain a reasonable temperature, especially in workplace environments. Air source heat pumps can help you do this. In today’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at the impact of temperature on mental wellbeing and show how air source heating systems can assist in maintaining a workplace that is happy and well-adjusted as well as physically comfortably.

  1. General mood

Being too cold can make employees irritable and reduce their emotional resilience. Any form of prolonged physical discomfort (including cold) can have a negative effect on a person’s mood while wearing down their psychological defences. Simply keeping your office or workplace heated can improve the mood of your employees, bolster their emotional stability and make it easier for them to work together harmoniously.

  1. Personal drive and productivity

Being cold can make people feel tired and apathetic. This is obviously an unpleasant feeling. What’s more, it reduces their productivity in the workplace. Installing an air source heat pump for heating and cooling can help employees maintain their drive to do well and ensure that their productivity remains high.

  1. Self-worth

Keeping your employees physically comfortable is an important way of showing that you value them. Demonstrating that you value your employees bolsters them and is incredibly important. It incentivises them to perform to the best of their abilities and, more importantly, it bolsters their sense of self-worth and helps to maintain their overall mental health.

Here at I-HT, we offer a range of highly-effective air source heat pumps that are far more efficient at maintaining comfortable temperatures than older heating systems. Our heat pumps are ideal for any workplace and are immensely beneficial to your employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.