air conditioning unit with remote

If you run a business and you want your employees to continue working efficiently, you’ll probably need to help them cool off by turning on the air conditioning. Air source heat pumps are the most cost-efficient and effective air conditioning devices available.

However, in order to make sure they cool every part of your premises properly and don’t cause any disruptions, you’ll need to follow four simple rules. We’ve organised them into an annotated list for your convenience.

1. Ensure Cold Air Can’t Escape

It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s usually best to close your premises’ windows and doors when running your heat pump as an air conditioner. Believe or not, cold air can escape through open windows and doors during the summer just like hot air can during the winter. What’s more, hot air from outside can also come in. This can make it more difficult for your AC to keep a room cool. Opening windows and doors only helps to keep a room cool if the outside world is cooler than the inside of your premises because the open apertures allow thermal energy out. However, opening them when your AC is running and your premises is cooler than the outside world allows thermal energy in. So keep them closed and let your AC do its job.

2. Avoid blocking AC Units

If an AC unit is blocked by a desk, boxes of office equipment or any other large item, it won’t be able to carry out its function effectively. It needs to be exposed to the air, so make sure there’s nothing immediately in front of your air conditioning unit.

3. Carry Out Appropriate Maintenance When Needed

If your air conditioner starts making an unusual noise, it might disrupt your employees. It may also be a sign that the machine is experiencing technical problems that can reduce its efficacy. This doesn’t happen very often with air source heat pump ACs due to their superior design. When it does, however, you should turn off the device, investigate the source of the noise and have appropriate maintenance carried out as soon as possible.

4. Don’t Leave Important Documents Next to Your AC Unit

Finally, you should remember not to leave loose papers near your AC unit and remind your employees that they shouldn’t either. This won’t affect the efficiency and cooling power of the appliance, but it will help you avoid disruptions. The air flow is strong near AC units, and loose documents are likely to blow everywhere, so don’t let this happen.

Here at I-HT, we offer a wide variety of air-source heat pumps that can be used as highly-effective air conditioners. If you already have an air source heat pump for heating and cooling your premises, following these tips will allow you to use it effectively and with minimal disruption. If you don’t, check out our range of products today.