Air source heat pumps are more versatile and efficient than most other heating and air conditioning systems. They can be used to either heat or cool your workplace environment, meaning they can meet your temperature-modification needs throughout the entire year. What’s more, they are very cost-effective to run. For example, when heating your workplace, they simply harvest thermal energy from outside air and transfer it into the building. This doesn’t require a lot of electricity and therefore keeps costs down. However, you may wonder how you can minimise the costs associated with air source heat pumps to an even greater extent. Here at I-HT, we’ve come up with some tips.

  1. Have your air source heat pump serviced and maintained regularly

Regular maintenance ensures that your air source heat pump works properly and efficiently. Damage and faults can make an air source heat pump less effective and efficient, meaning that you have to use more power (and therefore more money) to achieve your desired temperature. Ergo, adhering to a regular maintenance schedule can help save you money in the long-run. Luckily, here at I-HT we offer maintenance and servicing on all heat pumps purchased from us.

  1. Adjust your environment to trap or expel heat

One way to save money when using your air source heat pump is to reduce the environmental barriers it has to overcome. For example, if you are trying to keep your office or workplace warm during the winter, you should ensure that all your windows and doors are closed. This will trap the heat brought in by your air source heat pump, meaning that you won’t have to use it for as long to achieve your desired temperature. Make sure that your workplace environment compliments your heat pump rather than undermining it and you won’t need as much power (or money) to reach and maintain the temperature you want.

  1. Don’t be afraid of the off button

Once you have achieved the temperature you want, you may wish to simply switch off your air source heat pump (unless you suspect it won’t be possible to maintain the temperature without it). Similarly, when everyone leaves your office or workplace for the night, you can turn off your heat pump because nobody will need it until the next day. Like most devices, heat pumps don’t need to be left on all the time. The simplest way to save money is to turn yours off when it isn’t in use.

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