With more budget gym chains popping up every day, charging less and less for membership, the industry sometimes seems like a bit of a race to the bottom. With super-cheap gym membership can often come less-than-stellar amenities, so if you want your gym to stand out from the crowd, it’s better to compete on quality than low cost.

A cool gym brings in clients

Keeping your gym at the right temperature, for instance, is vital when it comes to keeping your customers long term. All sorts of exercises cause our core temperature to rise, but especially for gyms with lots of cardio equipment, a comfortably cool environment is important.

On the hottest summer days, even fans only serve to move already warm air around the room, but a well-placed air conditioner can offer a world of difference. If your customers are safe in the knowledge that their workout will be at a comfortable temperature, they’re far more likely to come back and even recommend you to friends.

Forget the sweat

The benefits don’t stop with cooling your space down, however. Many air con units offer the option to reduce humidity as well as temperature, something that’s sure to go down well amongst sweaty gym-goers. By reducing the humidity in the room, it’s possible to relieve some of the discomfort that being sweaty and sticky causes.

You’ll also find that an air conditioning unit helps to filter out nasties like allergens and bacteria to create a healthier environment for exercise and keep your customers in good health.

Small steps such as investing in a good air conditioning unit, collaborating with other local businesses and offering incentives to customers can really set a gym apart from the crowd and make it an investment people are willing to fork out for.

If you’re interested in finding out about the highly efficient and versatile air source heat pumps that we offer and how they could benefit your gym, get in touch today. As well as installation, we offer packages for maintenance and service to make your investment a hassle-free one.