The summer is coming and temperatures are set to be high once again this year. June and July will be the hottest months, and we can expect highs of around 30 degrees celsius again. Here are some of the ways high temperatures can affect your business:

Employee productivity

The ideal workplace temperature is mostly estimated at between 21 and 24 degrees celsius (69.8 – 75.2F). Above 24 degrees, however, the average worker’s productivity begins to decline. In one study, students were asked to choose which out of two mobile phone plans was the more cost-effective. Some of the students were in a cool room (19°C / 66F), while the others were in a warm room (25°C / 77F). The success rate of the students in the cooler room was double that of those in the warmer room, demonstrating that warm temperatures make complex decisions more difficult.

Other studies show that we are not as good at mathematics in temperatures above 27°C (80.6F). In Australia, where summer temperatures are often over 30 degrees, overall productivity decline costs the national economy roughly 6.2 billion US dollars. If businesses in the UK want to avoid a sharp downfall in productivity from their employees this summer, they will need to do more than just keep the windows open.

Computer systems and servers

Another big danger that high temperatures pose to businesses is the potential disruption of office computer systems and servers. Computers, of course, need to be kept from overheating, but their inbuilt fans can only do so much. When external temperatures rise higher than 27°C (80°F), computer performance is affected, slowing down processing speed and delaying even everyday office tasks like word processing and email.

The solution

The best way to avoid a decline in employee productivity and server disruption this summer, then, is to install our state-of-the-art Fujitsu air conditioning. We use air source heat pump technology which is just as effective at cooling as it is at heating. It is also highly efficient, cutting down on energy consumption and saving you money. We provide full installation and maintenance, and a 5-year warranty is included. Even if you are just looking for something to get your business through the hot summer months, we can provide for your needs. Our systems are available to rent monthly, too.

Quality air conditioning is guaranteed to improve your business’s performance this summer. Take it from Singapore’s first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew. When asked in 1999 what was responsible for the tropical country’s economic success, he replied air conditioning. For our range of air conditioning products, contact us directly.