When your air source heat pump and air conditioning are working just fine, you might feel that annual preventative maintenance is an expense you can really do without. But when your air conditioning can be so important for office efficiency, not taking care of it can definitely be a false economy.

Schedule a spring clean

Spring is the savvy time of year to get an annual tune-up since you won’t have needed to put your air conditioning to the test by then. Check your equipment now and you’ll have peace of mind through the summer.

Avoid breakdowns

Annual preventative maintenance is the smart choice if you want to avoid sudden breakdowns. However unexpected they might appear, such equipment failures can generally be prevented with an annual health check for your air source heat pump.

Operate efficiently

The more efficiently your air source heat pump for heating and cooling operates, the lower your bills will be. With an annual check-up, you’ll keep your equipment working at maximum efficiency which means you’re in for a pleasant surprise when the bills need paying.

Extended lifespan

One of the big benefits of scheduling preventative maintenance and catching problems early is that you can significantly extend the lifespan of your equipment. Neglecting an annual service can result in early replacement of your HVAC system, which is far more costly than having your air source heat pump checked once a year.

Make savvy decisions

A good technician will give you a full report on the condition of your equipment which will give you a heads up on any areas of concern. Depending on your technician’s level of concern and recommendations, you can make savvy and informed decisions on everything from replacement parts to overhauling the entire system. The point is that none of this will come as a surprise, and you can budget accordingly.

Ask the professionals

If you’ve had a service of your air conditioning equipment and it’s time for a replacement, then contact us today and we can install a new and efficient system that will keep your bills low and your comfort levels high.