If you are considering having a new, energy-efficient ducted air conditioning system installed in your office premises, you might be interested to learn how you can boost the system’s performance whilst saving yourself some cash and reducing the cost to the environment too.

Insulation and ducted air conditioning working together

You can really help to keep down the cost of running your air conditioning system by using wall and ceiling thermal glass-wool insulation. This helps to keep the rooms warmed or cooled for longer periods, maintaining a steady temperature and saving energy costs too.

Before you have your new ducted air conditioning system fitted, it’s a good idea to have insulation fitted to your ceiling and walls. This will make it much easier for the air conditioning system’s company to work on fitting your ducted system, potentially saving you money in labour fees and keeping the disruption to your business to a minimum.

Wind-driven ventilators

In addition to adding insulation to your premises, it’s a good idea to install two wind-driven ventilators. The ventilators work during the hot, summer months by extracting super-heated air from the building’s roof space and ceiling cavity. This immediately relieves the stress placed on your air conditioning’s fan coil unit.

Having under-eave vents spaced regularly right around the perimeter of your building will facilitate the intake of air when the ventilators spin. This causes hot air to be displaced quickly and efficiently, eliminating the build-up of excess heat and helping to take some of the workload off your air conditioning unit.

In the winter, the vents will work in the same way, this time helping to remove moist air from the ceiling cavity. This goes a long way to preventing moisture build-up that would otherwise encourage the growth of mould and mildew.

In conclusion

You can really help to boost the performance of your business’ new ducted air conditioning system by having ceiling and wall insulation installed in each of your offices and having wind-driven ventilators fitted too. For more information and advice on how to maximise the efficiency of your ducted air conditioning system, why not have a chatwith the professionals at I-HT.