With its freezing cold winters and sweltering days of summer, the climate in the UK can be a tricky thing. If you want to stay at a comfortable temperature all year round (which is crucial in business and retail environments), there are few options which are satisfactory. Most require one system for heating and another for cooling, and the ones that don’t tend to consume an inordinate amount of electricity, which makes them expensive to run. The exception is air source heat pumps.

What are air source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps are an all-round air conditioning system. They are a renewable energy source (though do require an amount of electricity to function) which uses energy and heat from the air outside to regulate heat inside. You’ll have already seen this technique in action, as it’s the same way refrigerators keep cool.

How do they work?

The pump takes in air from the outside. This air may have a high temperature or a low one (down to an incredible -15°C). It is then taken into a fluid and compressed to increase the temperature. The higher temperature heat is then dispersed either through an air-to-air system (heating fans) or an air-to-water system (radiators).

Why does it matter?

Energy bills are rising year on year, the environment is being damaged by pollutants from inefficient heating systems, and most people are sat around uncomfortably hot during the summer and shivering in the winter. Air source heat pumps can solve all three of these problems.

They are economical to run

By using the natural heat and energy already in the air, air source heat pumps require less energy to run and are much more efficient than conventional methods. This means that, since the pumps need less electricity, your energy bills will start to drop rapidly even if the energy companies increase their prices.

They are environmentally-friendly

Since the heat that air source heat pumps extract from the air is being constantly renewed, there is no need for the burning of oils or fossil fuels to keep adding heat. As such, it means reduced emissions and a smaller environmental impact. Depending on the model, you get you may also be eligible for the UK government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

They regulate heat efficiently

This system can be used for both heating and for cooling. There’s no need to be constantly switching between opening windows and turning on radiators when you have an air source heat pump. You can relax and let it keep the temperature right, while you get on with doing what you need to do.

So, have a look at our range and see if there is one that suits you.