Here at I-HT, we firmly believe that installing air-source heat pumps and air conditioning can help your business. In previous blogs, we’ve talked about how air source heat pumps and air conditioning units can save you money, reduce your environmental impact and even improve your employees’ health. But did you know they can also improve your public relations? It might sound strange, but it’s true. Regardless of what type of business you run, you can improve the way customers or clients see you simply by installing this type of temperature-regulating technology in all your premises. In today’s blog, we’ll explain how.

  1. Passing on your savings

Air-source heat pumps and air conditioning units use far less electricity than conventional air conditioning and heating equipment. If you install them in all your premises (including both offices and customer-facing premises), you can drastically reduce your overheads. Passing on some of these savings to your customers or clients can improve your public relationships dramatically. Everybody likes paying less for products and services, so passing on savings is a great way to develop brand loyalty and improve the way ordinary people perceive your business.

  1. Demonstrating environmental commitment

Nowadays, ordinary consumers and businesses are both increasingly concerned about their ecological impact. Most people want to know that their actions aren’t significantly damaging the environment. Regardless of whether your run a business-to-customer or business-to-business enterprise, you can improve the way your customers and members of the public see you by demonstrating your own commitment to environmental concern. As we’ve previously mentioned, air-source heat pumps and air conditioning units use less electricity than their conventional counterparts and therefore have less impact on the environment. Installing them is a great way to showcase your ecological credentials.

  1. Improving the way employees relate to clients

Obviously, our heat pumps and air conditioning units are designed primarily to improve workplace comfort. Your employees are clearly going to be happier and more productive in comfortable environments where the air is fresh and the temperature isn’t too hot or too cold. They’ll also find it easier to interact in a positive, friendly way with your customers and clients. In short, installing air conditioning and heat pumps can improve customers’ and clients’ experiences with your business and improve your reputation.

Our air-source heat pumps and air conditioning units are undeniably beneficial for every type of business. They can even help improve PR! Check out our range today, or contact us for more information.