office productivity

Attempting to keep your employees productive and working at their optimal level in the office can be challenging. Both hot summers and cold winters can affect physical comfort within the office, which then has a significant effect on employee performance.

However, if you have the right air conditioning unit, you can easily solve these problems, making your employees more comfortable, and resulting in greater productivity. Here are a few reasons why finding the right AC unit for your office is so important.

Giving Them a Comfortable Working Environment — Duty of Care

Physical comfort is one of the main variables that impact employee productivity. If the office environment is too hot, then workers are likely to feel sluggish, tired and irritable, none of which are good for business. Equally, if the workplace is too cold, then employees will experience reduced blood circulation, resulting in stiffness and lethargy. As such, it is important to find an air conditioning unit that can deal with a range of temperatures, helping you to quickly and easily create the right temperature no matter what is happening outside. You can find out more about the guidance set out by GOV.UK here on workplace temperatures.

Improves Air Quality Eliminating Health Problems

By maintaining a stable temperature and humidity level in your office, you can prevent health problems such as overheating and dehydration from occurring. What’s more, poor airflow and quality can be a problem for those with existing chronic respiratory conditions, something which a fully functioning AC system can help to overcome. Anyone who is sick will be less productive in the office than someone healthy – that’s if they aren’t too ill to make it into the office! Sick days have a significant effect on businesses and are a leading cause of lost revenue, so anything you can do to counteract this will be beneficial. Happy, healthy employees will be the most productive, and if they know you are taking steps to ensure this, they will be more loyal in return.

Technology Works More Efficiently

It’s not just people who work better in temperature-controlled environments, but all electoral and technological equipment does too. IT equipment suffers, especially in the heat and humidity, with overheating damaging your internal hardware, potentially past the point of no return. By installing an air conditioning unit, you can remove this cause of technological failure, saving money on what would have otherwise been avoidable repairs. This also has an effect on staff productivity, who can obviously be more productive with all of their equipment in full working order.