We’re all very aware of the impact we’re having on the environment these days. We recycle our rubbish, we put unleaded petrol in our cars, and we use bags for life at the shops. In fact, these things are second nature to us.

Environmentally friendly technology can also be incorporated into a home’s heating and cooling. Carbon footprint’s can be reduced considerably with an air source heat pump for heating and cooling. While there are plenty of savings to be made from this energy efficient technology, you’ll really notice the difference if you’re looking to replace oil, LPG, electric, or coal heating systems.

With an air source heat pump, home owners will also be eligible to sign up for the government’s Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI), which rewards homeowners in England, Scotland and Wales who use renewable heat sources, making less of a demand on gas and electricity supplies. Members of the RHI receive quarterly payments which will help pay for the cost of installing and running an air source heat pump. To encourage more people on board, these payments are due to increase in Spring 2017, and it doesn’t matter if you already have other renewable systems installed, such as solar panels – you’ll get an RHI payment for each system.

An air source heat pump also means less carbon emissions. It collects existing heat from the environment, using compression to heat the air, and releasing it into your building. The only electricity required is the small amount needed to operate the compressor, similar to that of a fridge. This effectively halves the carbon dioxide emissions found in an average gas central heating system.

For ultimate green ratings, an air source heat pump can be powered by the energy generated from a renewable source such as solar panels, or a turbine, making it one of the most eco friendly ways to heat your home.

I-HT’s systems are all AA rated, and use the latest technology, giving you maximum efficiency from your air source heat pump. If you’re interested in clean, green heating and cooling, it’s definitely worth getting in touch, and talking to us about how one of our Fujitsu systems can work for you.