There’s nothing worse than having to work on a beautiful day, apart from having to work in a boiling hot office. Most staff members dread going into work if the office isn’t at the right temperature and business attire can be very uncomfortable in the heat. There are lots of reasons why you should invest in air conditioning to improve the temperature in your workplace.

Everyone will be fresher

Let’s face it, everyone sweats and the hotter this is, the more the rate of perspiration increases. In an office with lots of people, or even a few people in a cramped space, this can quickly cause bad smells and bad feelings between employees who become resentful at others for the smell. A good air conditioning system can prevent this and help you maintain a cool, harmonious, odour-free office.

Concentration will increase

It’s hard to concentrate and be productive when you feel overheated and sluggish. Being too warm in the office can affect memory, focus and the ability to stay on one task for more than a few minutes. If you invest in air conditioning, you could increase productivity in hot weather by up to 75% and, of course, output accordingly.

Improve employee retention

Anyone starting a new job will want to know they are working in an environment that is pleasant and where they feel looked after. A new employee who starts in your overheated office in the middle of summer isn’t likely to stay in the role for long and this can be a sure-fire way of losing the best staff who may have many offers from other companies who treat their staff well with comfortable environs. Retain your best staff by looking at air conditioning solutions today.

If you decide to invest in air conditioning, contact I-HT who can provide low-cost heat pumps. These allow effective cooling and heating so are suitable for use all year round and use little energy, meaning they cost less to run than traditional air conditioners and separate heaters. Don’t let your staff remain overheated and uncomfortable, contact I-HT today and you can discuss your business needs with one of our highly trained advisors.