Here at I-HT, we don’t just sell and install heat pumps and air conditioning units, we also maintain and service them. If you have an air source heat pump for heating and cooling your business premises, it’s very important to have it serviced regularly.

Servicing and maintenance prevent sudden, inconvenient breakdowns and also ensure that the air source heat pump doesn’t become clogged with dust and other contaminants that might reduce air quality. Of course, in addition to having the unit serviced at regular intervals, you should also have maintenance work carried out if it shows signs of damage or deterioration. But what signs should you look out for?

1. Sound

Is your heat pump unit making a noise that sounds strained or laboured? If so, it might be because the unit has become clogged with dust or dirt. A large deposit of dust or dirt can prevent certain important components from moving properly. If left unchecked, this problem can lead to a severe reduction in functionality or a complete breakdown. If you hear any strange noises coming from your air source heat pump, we strongly recommend having it serviced immediately.

2. Smell

If there is a problem with your air source heat pump, you might notice a peculiar or unpleasant smell in the air. This is the result of airborne contaminants entering your premises through the unit. If you notice a strange smell, it’s worth having your air source heat pump serviced in order to remove any built-up deposits of contaminants that might be causing it.

3. Difficulty turning the unit on and off

If your heat pump unit has difficulty starting, won’t turn off or switches itself off spontaneously, it should be serviced immediately. These issues may be indicative of a deeper, underlying technical fault that should be addressed as soon as possible.

We at I-HT pride ourselves on the impeccable quality of our air source heat pumps. Ergo, you can feel confident that the problems we have described in today’s blog are rare. However, even the most well-designed and carefully-maintained machine can develop faults over time. By looking out for the signs listed in today’s blog entry and having your unit serviced as soon as they become noticeable, you can prevent the emergence of more serious issues.