With forecasts of heavy snow in November and near-record low temperatures of -10° C [http://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/872910/uk-weather-forecast-winter-snow-Met-Office-AccuWeather-white-Christmas-New-Year-2017], keeping your office temperature balanced is a greater responsibility than many recognise. A recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder found that 23% of employees complained that they were too cold over the season, while 25% complained of being too hot [https://www.cbia.com/news/hr-safety/workplace-temperature-wars-heating-up/].

The importance of hearing employees’ complaints

While small issues like this appear unimportant, they are often anything but. Along with complaints, sickness can result in the loss of paid hours, and rising heat can cause small problems to flare into major conflicts.

Productivity is also known to drop alongside temperatures, with error rates sitting at 25% at 20° C or lower, according to research conducted by students at Cornell University [https://www.psychologicalscience.org/news/minds-business/cold-offices-linked-to-lower-productivity.html].

Is there an easy solution?

Finding the perfect balance between hot and cold also comes with its own set of problems. Managing your temperature control places stress on the system, driving up budgets and potential damage to equipment. This wear and tear can result in machinery breaking when you need it most, and the cost of improving or maintaining a heating system can often be too much for small businesses to afford, or for larger companies to justify the price of installation and subsequent management.

However, deploying an air source heat pump for heating and cooling allows for easy temperature management before tempers begin fray.

The pump system is fully installed by a maintenance team and coupled with a five year warranty, to ensure that any winter breakages are promptly resolved. And, depending on your budget, the system can be bought wholesale or rented for the season, helping keep control over your solution. It allows users to help save on their bills over winter and be able to quickly heat or chill a space, to ensure that it’s the perfect temperature for everyone.

To learn more about the options available for installing an air source heat pump solution, you can visit our site or contact our team directly with your questions.