Installing air conditioning may seem counter-intuitive when it comes to the bottom line of your business, but an air source heat pump can provide you with additional savings aside from reduced heating bills in the winter. Having air conditioning installed in your office can increase productivity and boost the morale of your employees, all of which can add to the profitability of your business. Here we’ve outlined some key ways you can expect to benefit from installing air conditioning in your office.

Reduces stress

If it’s boiling outside and the office has essentially become a sweat box, it will add to the stress levels of your workers. Stressed employees are naturally less productive, so by ensuring that the temperature in your office is comfortable, you can also make sure that as much work is being done as possible. There is plenty of evidence to show that heat levels which are excessive within the workplace can add to the stress of your employees which in turn negatively affects productivity. Can your business afford to have its workforce continually performing below the required level?

Boosts creativity

If you have a business that thrives on creativity, then you’re going to want to do everything you can to maximise it. That includes the temperature of the office. If you have employees complaining that their chair feels too warm or that their clothes are a little too tight, all of a sudden their to-do list is not getting done. Instead of concentrating on the work, they are concentrating on the fact they are too cold or too hot.

This can act as a blockage to any creativity, particularly when all they can think about in the winter is getting home and turning on the central heating. Alternatively, in the summer when it’s hot, their minds may start to wander to getting out of the office so they can start enjoying a nice cold drink. Having a comfortable office environment can stop all this, and it will help towards encouraging work that is both productive and creative.

Encourages concentration

There’s nothing worse than a workforce that cannot concentrate, but by using air conditioning, you can heat the building, as well as cool it quickly, which is ideal if your business has a big project that needs finishing. A workforce that is too hot or too cold is far more likely to get up from their desk for a tea or coffee break which reduces the amount of time they actually spend working. Ultimately if there is lower concentration, your business will suffer from lower profit margins.

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