Air-to-air heat pump air conditioning systems offer a number of benefits for domestic premises.

The biggest benefit is that they have the ability to keep you nice and cool in the hot summer months and keep you warm and toasty during the long cold winter.

Another one of the big benefits of an ASHP system is their energy efficiency. These systems use electricity to move heat from the air outside to the air inside, rather than generating heat through the use of fossil fuels. This means that they can provide heating and cooling at a much lower cost compared to traditional systems.

Because they use the air outside to cool or heat the air inside, they require less energy to run compared to traditional main gas central heating systems. This results in lower energy bills for homeowners and can save them hundreds of pounds per year.

In addition to being energy efficient, air-to-air heat pump systems are also very cost effective to install. They do not require the installation of any additional fuel lines or tanks, as they solely rely on electricity to operate. This makes them a good choice for homes that do not have access to natural gas or bottled gas.

Another big draw to air-to-air heat pump systems is their long lifespan. These systems can last for up to 20 years with proper maintenance, which means that homeowners can expect to get a good return on their investment over time.

Another financial benefit is that air-to-air heat pump systems are eligible for government rebates and incentives. Many other countries also offer rebates to homeowners who install energy efficient systems in their homes, and air-to-air heat pumps often qualify for these rebates. These rebates can significantly reduce the upfront cost of purchasing and installing an air-to-air heat pump system.

In the UK the Government has reduced the rate of VAT down to 0% on all domestic installations, this can in turn save you £100’s on a standard installation.