Fitting premises with an air source heat pump for heating and cooling is more than just an investment in customer and staff comfort – it is a technological statement as well. With a bit of creativity, this is an investment that can generate not only warmth and cost savings but good press for a business.

The idea behind the technology powering this form of air conditioning is beautifully simple. A refrigerant within the system’s pipes provides the medium through which heat is essentially moved around as required. Because the refrigerant is very cold, on cool days it can draw warmth from the outside air (which is comparatively much warmer) and release heat inside the premises. On hot days it can do the opposite, pumping heat in the other direction.

Because the energy usage for this form of air conditioning is limited to moving heat around rather than generating it, the technology is incredibly efficient to run and delivers big energy savings. The system is still unfamiliar to most people, and so a very good opportunity for local press. As well as generating a bit of interest in the technology within it, the uniqueness of the system can add to a business’s identity and public image.

The cost savings are particularly impressive in winter when the excessive costs of conventional forms of heating swell bills. Compared with these, an air source heat pump achieves up to four times the heat for the energy consumed. In addition, for any premises where trade is done, making customers comfortable is an important part of getting them in the mood to make a purchase. An air source heat pump for heating and cooling is a powerful way to ensure that comfort is a constant.

Again, while the system is generating energy savings, it can also be a virtue that will attract the much sought-after ‘green pound’ customer through the door. It shows you value your customers, respect your environment and are ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. What business would not like their heating system to say all that about them – all while cutting their energy bills?