If your lack of faith in the British weather makes you hesitate to install air conditioning equipment in your workplace, there are a few important facts that can’t be ignored. Adding air conditioning in your venue, office or factory is not just about being a cool employer – it’s a clear indication that you are helping your staff and customers tackle the allergy epidemic.

Now we’ve moved into summer, you may immediately think of pollen, grass cuttings and dust causing hay fever sufferers a miserable few weeks. Rhinitis, the inflamed and constant running nose and sneezing associated with hay fever, affects one in every five people in the UK. It can be triggered by a range of things, including dust, mould and other allergens present in your factory or offices.

Asthma is also often triggered by allergens. With 4.3 million asthmatic adults in the UK (1 in 12), the importance of clean, quality air in offices can’t be overlooked. Luckily, there’s something you can do to help! You can soothe allergy attacks with a good quality air conditioning unit in your workplace.

If this is a concern to you, or you do work with substances that can trigger particularly violent allergic reactions, specialist air conditioning equipment (with air purifiers fitted) can reduce employee sick days. But it also means you can make general work conditions more pleasant.

And that’s not to be “sniffed at”.

But what employers need to be aware of is that just as one person’s individual triggers can vary, air purifiers within air conditioning equipment is not standard or uniform.

There are different types that do specific functions, including one designed to cope with “lazy air” around larger spaces such as factories and warehouses. Each type will offer different levels of airflow, filtration type, efficiency and noise level. All of this also impacts on the running costs of the equipment.

It’s important to choose air purification systems that are evidence-based in their effectiveness, and many have won plaudits from consumer testing and award schemes.

Speak to us today for advice on the complex terminology. You could say we have the best “nose” for cost-effective air purifying systems to suit your needs.