Air Conditioning in vets

Air conditioning plays a large role in how we feel in a space, and the same is true for animals.  Here’s why having  well-functioning air-conditioning is crucial for creating a comfortable and safe veterinary surgery:

The importance of air conditioning in Vets

The ideal environment for veterinary surgery is one with a stable, ambient temperature. Our Airsource Heat Pump Air conditioning units monitor temperature throughout the day to keep the environment constant, heating when the room is cold and cooling when it is warm. This means a lot in veterinary surgery, as vets will be doing stressful work and owners may be there for stressful reasons. Maintaining a comfortable temperature helps put staff, owners and their pets at ease.

What effect can it have on the animals?

Airsource Heat Pump Air conditioning does more than keep animals comfortable. Bacteria work faster under warmer conditions, and animals with thick coats are at risk of overheating. Furthermore, animals in recovery are more susceptible to infections like pneumonia under colder conditions. So it is vital for the health and safety of sick and recovering animals that a stable temperature is maintained in veterinary surgeries.

Why it’s important for storing medicinal products.

Another important reason for a veterinary surgery having high-functioning air conditioning is the storage of medicines. Having a consistent ambient temperature is crucial for certain medicines as they become ineffective or contaminated when too warm. An I-HT Airsource Heat Pump Air conditioning unit will keep a veterinary surgery from wasting expensive medicines, saving money as well as saving animals from getting more ill.

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