Research suggests that the installation of effective air conditioning has a significant impact on the productivity of a workforce. The Office of National Statistics found that 92% of British office workers lose around an hour each day of summer productive time because they work in overheated offices. For British employers this amounts to a costly £19.3 million in lost productivity. Whilst there isn’t a legal maximum working temperature in this country, there are recommendations from the British Safety Council and WHO (World Health Organisation) of 24 and 25 degrees Celsius respectively. The most effective air conditioning units are air source heat pumps. We look at why they are the most economical way to improve workplace productivity in both winter and summer:

  1. Air conditioning systems (including fans) that work by simply moving air around an office may appear to be a cheap option but they will not greatly improve the working environment. Although these represent an initially smaller investment than air source heat pumps for heating and cooling, they will make annoying draughts, be uneconomical to run and will require storage during the winter.
  2. When people are comfortable in their working environment they respond to tasks more quickly and efficiently. By ensuring high employee accommodation standards, a business will also experience less costly staff turnover.
  3. Air source heat pumps are an economical solution for both summer cooling and winter heating. They also remove the need to make decisions about radiators and window opening. In other words, air source heat pumps provide a year round solution in both hot and cold weather.

When your business invests in an air source heat pump, not only will you see an increase in general productivity, you will also save money. With one unit you can experience these four great benefits: heating in the winter, cooling in the summer, a more productive workforce and a reduction in bills.

I-HT provide air source heat pump units to businesses across East Anglia and the South East of England. Our full service includes installation and ongoing service and maintenance. We offer outright purchase and rental options and are happy to talk to you about your air conditioning requirements.