The sun is shining, the heat is rising and your workforce is lagging. When it starts to get warm over the summer and temperatures rise within the workspace to over 30 degrees, it might be time to start thinking about installing air conditioning units.


Well, primarily, the comfort of your employees is essential to ensure that they are able to maintain a steady level of efficiency. It’s also worth noting that overheating can cause heat exhaustion and heatstroke, which can be lethal and some may be more susceptible than others – such as pregnant women or those with pre-existing conditions. These people may be excused from work for health reasons if the temperature within the office becomes too high, which could result in your business becoming short staffed.

Aside from comfort, depending on the niche of your business, you may have equipment (such as computing equipment or machinery) that shouldn’t be exposed to high temperatures for a prolonged period of time.

Why not just use fans?

Fans essentially push the warm air around the room. They help with circulation and ensure that the air doesn’t become stagnant, but they don’t generally tend to cool down the room. Some tower fans are better at cooling when they’re directly in the path of someone, but again, they struggle to cool the whole room.

An air conditioning unit injects cool air into the whole room, so each individual doesn’t need their own fan (which give minimal relief anyway). One unit for a large area can actually help to reduce the strain on your power supply, and if run economically, can help you to prevent losing money deriving from the sum of electric bills for fans, staff absence and even insurance claims if the temperature within the office causes health problems.

Is it expensive?

The installation of an air conditioning unit is usually the highest cost. It’s a higher initial cost for a better yield, so you save money in the long run.

There’s also something great about our heat pump air conditioning by Fujitsu, and that’s the “heat pump” part. Yes, it’s summer and it’s warm enough to not need the heating on. However, the I-HT Air Conditioning units also work as heaters, meaning that when the winter months arrive, your unit isn’t just sitting unused, it can be used to heat up the room as well as to cool it down.