air conditioning in gym

Our Air Source Heat Pump Air conditioning enables those working out to enjoy the optimum temperature for an efficient workout so they can achieve their best performances at all times.
This is especially important when leisure facilities are used for cardiovascular activities.
The correct system can keep the air at an optimum temperature for exercise and also when just sitting, relaxing and observing.

Risks of Hotter Temperature in Gyms

Installing an air conditioner for temperature control can make for a safer and more comfortable workout environment. Cooler temperatures can allow athletes to train harder without suffering as much from the fatigue and headaches that can come from overexertion in a hot environment.

Clients who work out too hard in high-heat environments can suffer from dehydration and heat exhaustion. Excessive sweating can also cause skin problems such as breakouts and rashes. But maintaining an ideal temperature can improve workouts for all of your members.

Reduce Humidity & Adequate Ventilation

An air conditioner can help regulate humidity by condensing hot, moist air out of the building.

Many air conditioning systems have a “dry mode” which lets you run the AC to reduce humidity in the air without overcooling the environment. The key is to choose a unit that is correctly sized for the space and the amount of work it will have to do.

Taking humidity from the air reduces the stickiness, and physical discomfort people may feel during physical exertion. This results in members staying more comfortable and feeling more satisfied with their workout.

Improves Air Quality for Physical Activity

Nearly every air conditioning system includes air filtration. This means you can actively purify the air in your gym while controlling the temperature.

Air filters can remove dust particles, pollen, pet fur, mites, and bacteria, leading to a healthier working environment for your staff and a cleaner workout space for your members.

Duty of Care Towards Clients

While there is no law that requires air conditioning in gyms, there is a sense of duty of care towards your clients. The guidelines set out by Sport England do give us an idea of what the optimum temperature is for engaging in physical activity.

Provided by Sport England, tailored to fitness and exercise spaces:

  • Fitness Gym – 16°C to 18°C (60°F to 64°F) in the summer, with “comfort cooling” as needed. 
  • Studios – 18°C (64°F), with a slight summer rise acceptable. 

Keeping Your Gym Perfectly Regulated at a Low Cost

Heat pumps are recognised to be one of the most efficient forms of heating and cooling available. They are more efficient than some other forms of heating because heat pumps do not create heat; they just move it from one place to another. For example, the output of an efficient 10 EER* heat pump is triple that of an electric heater. This will allow you to perfectly heat your gym in winter and cool your gym in summer, keeping your clients at the optimum temperature all year round.