Summer is finally here, and for most of us in the UK our businesses are going to need the air conditioning on to keep employees cool on the warmer summer days. However, did you know that air conditioners not only help keep employees at a comfortable temperature but can also effectively help those who suffer from airborne allergies such as dust, pollen, and bacteria?

How it works

Air conditioners aid by improving the overall quality of the air, helping to reduce airborne allergens and particles effectively. By removing these particles, sufferers could see a significant reduction in both respiratory and sinus conditions as a direct result. Those with more severe allergies, where effects can be seen on the skin will notice the difference as well, due to the systems’ removal of virtually all harmful particles and pollens through the advanced filtering system.

Not only do our air conditioners remove pollens, dust and other allergens, but they are also very effective in the removal of bacteria through the use of catechin filters. Catechin filters use a bioflavonoid derived from green tea, which is both antiviral and antibacterial. These special filters work by using static electricity which allows them to trap and eliminate microscopic viruses and bacteria from the air, as well neutralising odour causing particles from pet smells to tobacco smoke. Catechin filters are not only simple to remove and easily cleaned but if properly serviced and maintained, can be used for almost a full decade.

Creating and maintaining healthy working conditions will not only keep employees happy and healthy, but can boost productivity and reduce in office sickness levels. At I-HT Air Conditioning, we specialise in systems using Fujitsu heat pump conditioners, one of the top names in the air conditioning industry for over 40 years. We offer competitive purchase and rental prices, not to mention hassle-free installations, full servicing support and a five-year warranty on all air conditioning units.

If you are looking for an exceptional heat pump air conditioning system for your business, speak to one of our dedicated team members for professional and friendly advice today.