Being environmentally responsible is not new – it is part of the modern culture. Comparing business practices today regarding the environment with those of the last decade shows a fantastic climb in taking responsibility but there is still so far to go.

An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is another step in the right direction for your business. We all understand the importance of maintaining a warm and healthy environment for your workforce, whether they are based in a large open plan office, or smaller enclosed rooms. Central heating and air conditioning have long been based on large water boilers which have high energy usage and were never designed with the environment in mind.

An ASHP takes heat from the air outside your building and uses the energy within to regulate the temperature inside your workplace – and it can get that energy from the air even in sub-zero temperatures! It is more efficient and uses considerably less non-renewable energy than traditional alternatives – in fact, the only external power required is a small amount of electricity used to run the system.

This modern, green alternative to traditional air conditioning and heating systems is also a good deal more reliable than those older methods. Maintenance is usually little more than an annual check and the system will keep running for up to 30 years – a substantial return on investment. Of course, that longevity is another factor in maintaining environmental responsibility as there’s a lot less scrap waste over the decades than occurs with less durable systems.

Just look at the benefits:

• Significantly reduced energy costs for air conditioning and heating
• Lower carbon footprint for your business
• Stable, reliable and long-lasting
• Visible environmental responsibility for your business

Air Source Heat Pumps show the amazing advances in technology that are being developed to make our technologically-driven world a healthy and environmentally responsible one.

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